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“The death toll is at a total of 19...”
John whispered silently while lighting a cigarette.
“The cause of the death was by something that devoured them.
Their torn bodies and leftover pieces were found in many places.
However, Nobody can find any trace that large monsters have done that…”
They originate from the ancient Neuri tribe in Herodotus.
The history of the Non-Humans goes back to the age of ancient Greek mythology when Lycaon of Arcadia existed.
Despite of the fact that the long dark age is about to end due to modern civilization, they exist like a plague in the darkness within cold regions.
“If you don't take any measure against the werewolves, they might spread out to bigger cities.”
A man who came next to him, talked to him while offering a cigarette light.
“I know it can be a well-paying business opportunity to get rid of werewolves.”
“Business? You don't want revenge for the victims?”
“If you can complete the mission, the army won't interfere.”
While having a leisurely smoke, he gave the newspaper to the person.
“Have you seen my partner somewhere?”
“I saw him in the Miolone bar.
Make them disguise very well so that the werewolves won't be suspicious of him.”
He got some coins and then left the street.


John (Possible to change)

The main character of this game, which is you.
John visits a village in the middle of nowhere in a cold region, to hear a rumor about werewolves.
It seems that he has special information concerning the monsters.

Adam (Possible to change)


John’s partner.
He travels along with John to help him.
You can decide the character of this person


Personalizing your partners character

You are free to give your partner a unique name, age, hair-style, the type of relationship with him and so on.
Change the Job given to the partner, and the partner will change to the corresponding outfit.
Each partner can have various items.
Let’s customize your special partner, and solve the case of incidents in the village together.
Your partner has a unique ability depending on the type of his job.
You make use of his ability to help you win the game

Purchase of items

You get some coins after each game, and you can buy items with it.
Each item can be used to increase your partner’s experience or you can revive yourself during the game .

Mind games

You can decide the scale of the village and the hazard level of the village to control the level of difficulty in the game.
After everything is set up, the game gives you a job.
You get a job which is either villager sided or wolf sided, the game starts afterwards.
You participate in a discussion to decide who is to be executed per day within the game.
Werewolves kill a villager every single night in the game.
When all werewolves are exterminated, the villagers win.
When the number of werewolves and the number of villagers become the same, wolves win.
Manipulate people, control any situation, and find out who are your allies and who are your enemies in order to win the games.